Value Proposition

Accelerator Partners, the consulting practice of SoCal Accelerator, offers the following value proposition:

  • ›Understanding of startup success factors:  our principals have helped launch dozens of startups.
  • ›Knowledge of innovation market and portfolio positioning
  • ›Lean, multi-disciplinary mindset
  • ›Decades of experience across all growth stages and multiple industries:  our principals have experience ranging from furniture to railroads, hardware and software to real estate, and hospitality to telecommunications and from concept to commercialization to Fortune 50.

We have nurtured companies from concept, literally from the back of a napkin or envelope, to commercialization to exit.  We have helped dozens of entrepreneurs create their legal entities, develop their business plans, marketing plans, operating plans, and financials plans, and secure capital.  Our business plans are not designed to raise captial, but to raise the business, to successfully launch and operate the business.  We also help with investor pitch material and the materials needed for raising capital, but, in our terminology, those are not business plans, but business tools for investor communication.

We have experience crafting the value proposition and core strategy of the new venture, operating the new venture, and growing the new venture.  When the time comes for you to exit, we have experience there as well.