SoCal Accelerator begins with relationships and analytics.  The principals of Accelerator Partners, the management of SoCal Accelerator, have extensive experience starting, operating, assessing, and improving businesses.  The Analytics Engine begins with extensive standards that shape the way Accelerator sources opportunities.  For selected ventures, the outputs of the Analytics Engine include a business plan, funding for launch or expansion, mentoring of entrepreneurs and the venture's management team, nurturing of the business opportunity and value proposition, and Accelerator leaving as an investor by selling its shares or helping the venture license its innovation.

Strategic Analytics has the power to transform venture development and funding like Lean and Six Sigma are transforming operations.

Since 2000, Accelerator Partners has developed a best-of-class strategic analytic drawing on marketing, innovation, financial, operational assessment tools. Scholarly and practitioner founda¬tions include Clayton Christiansen, Gary Hamel, Jim Collins, John Kotter, Geoffrey Moore, Saul Kaplan, Robert Kaplan and David Norton and Michael Porter.

strategic analyticsSOURCING
Our methods ensure our Accelerator Center, Analytic Tools and Fund will become the magnet, the go-to investment place, processes and partner for every corner of the entrepreneur ecosystem.

  • Networking/sponsorship
  • Training
  • Services
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Universities
  • VCs/Angels
  • Corporations
  • Incubators

Competitive, financial, operational, and leadership analytics that
assess strategic market positioning, market and financial potential, and organizational design.

Business Model
Strategic Markets & Positioning Plan
Preliminary Financial Plan
Valuation for Funding.

Our proprietary analytics increase accuracy and acceleration of the idea-to-market process.

Business Plans For Operating
Marketing & Financial Success
Private Placement Memoranda
Innovation Strategy
Financing Strategy

Accelerator integrates analytics, research and design tools with innovation management and best-in-class consulting alliances.

Portfolio Optimization
Continuous mentoring and development of entrepreneurial team.

Quarterly analysis of assumptions, project plan progress, and staffing and financial requirements.  

Assumption Validation   
Lead-User Testing   
Legal / Finance     Prototyping   

Technology SalesSELLING
Our process is designed to increase valuation of each venture, prior to and after exit. Each portfolio company has a targeted exit strategy.  Selling a company or taking it public is mainly determined when the company launches, a mix of . . .

Technology Sales
Some of the portfolio will not become a going business but technology sold quickly in a one-time sale or licensing opportunity.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Some of the portfolio will be sold or merged with incumbents

Some of the portfolio will go public.